We are a group of folks fed up with the stink and problems coming from Nature’s Needs/Recology Inc., which is adjacent to North Plains and Hwy 26. The stink is so bad, it’s been reported as a far away as the Hillsboro Costco on Cornell, and Cornelius Pass Road.

We live, work and recreate in and around North Plains. The area is dotted with locations of significant historic and cultural importance, not only to current Americans, but also to the native people who lived here before settlers arrived.

North Plains has approximately 1900 residents living inside city limits and nearly as many people living in the hills surrounding the city. We’ve all been affected by the composting smell, particularly from non-traditional feedstock (food waste); and we want it to end. The composting facility was located next to this population, and it is threatening the very future of the town and surrounding area.

Email us at: stoprstink@gmail.com

Our mailing address is:
Stop the Stink!
PO Box 181
North Plains, OR 97133