WHAT IS THE PROBLEM: It is the stink from the Natureʼs

Needs/Recology composting site located adjacent to N Plains city
limits. It releases odor, methane gas, carbon dioxide and attracts
vermin and vectors such as seagulls, starlings and rats.  These
“hot composting” operations have also at times been associated
with pathogens such as e. coli.

WHO IS RECOLOGY:  They are the seventh largest garbage
company in the US and are based in California.  They are trucking
yard debris and food waste, including meat and dairy from
Portland to N Plains.  Thousands of trucks a year are added to
already crowded roads using thousands of gallons of gas.  Is this
a “green operation” as Portland officials intended?

HOW IS IT AFFECTING N PLAINS:  The stink is adversely
affecting the livability and quality of life. It is lowering property
values.  It is damaging to businesses.  It is adversely affecting the
reputation of the town and area.  It will discourage any future
growth or development. Starlings and gulls will damage
vineyards, berries and other crops.

WHY REPORT: The stink should be reported in a timely manner
by a wide variety of citizens and visitors. City and County leaders
need to know of the impact this is having on our lives and need to
take corrective action.  It is the responsibility of all of us to act
together to protest this. Recology is operating on a one year
extension of the trial period for food waste. This is our window of
opportunity to affect change.


Email to:   odor@northplains.org

or call  503-647-2003.  Give date, time and location of the stink.  Try togive some description of the smell, e.g. rancid, putrid, pungent, rotten food.